Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How is Plus! Image different from other search engines?
Plus! Image is a new way to search for images more efficiently and effectively. It allows you to search from all big search engines and photo sharing websites from the same place and simultaneously. The second thing that parts Plus! Image from regular search engines, is that its main focus is on allowing you to use the results you just found, as quickly as possible. After selecting a search result, you can immediately use it by dragging and dropping into your workspace (Office, Photoshop, email, anywhere!), by copying it to your clipboard, by saving it on your local HD or by adding it to your Plus! Image favorites for future reference.
How can I select where I'm searching from?
Plus! Image works with a lot of sources. To select a search source simply open the Sources Menu on the left of the search box and select one. The "All Sources" source searches from all other sources together.
How can I configure advanced search options?
Plus! Image has advanced search options for most sources. They differ from source to source, and enable you to fine-tune your search and find results that would otherwise be harder to find. To configure advanced search, simply open the drop-down menu from the gear icon on the right side of the search box.
How do the favorites work?
Your Plus! Image favorites is a collection of pictures which you simply have marked as your favorites. The favorites can be accessed by selecting the Favorites source from the sources menu. You can add as many pictures as you want to your favorites. They are also sorted in tags, allowing you to quickly group and access saved results. When you open a picture for preview, the favorites button on the bottom right indicates whether this picture is already in your favorites or not. A click on the favorites button adds/removed the previewed picture to/from your favorites. When you add a picture to your favorites, it is automatically tagged under the search term that led you to finding that result, thus automatically organizing your favorites into tags. You can also apply additional tags to that picture from the favorites menu (on the right of the favorites button).
Why when I search from Google, Yahoo or LiveSearch I can't go past result 1000?
Good question. For some reason, even though these three search engines may claim that they have found tens of thousands of results, these limit their image search to a 1000 results max. (For example, Google may say they have found 20,000 results for a particular term, but when you actually browse through the results, you only get 1000). Find this hard to believe? Search for yourself. How come you've never came across this before? Well, maybe because going through thousands of images in those search engines can be exhausting, but with Plus! Image it's so simple and quick. What can you do? Try searching from the other sources and see the difference.
Does the notice "Image is copyrighted – click here to buy it now" mean? Can I still use this picture?
Commercial images, such as those that are returned from the Fotolia source, are copyrighted and can't be used without purchasing them first. If you're searching for a quality picture for commercial use, without worrying about copyright issues - these are the pictures for you! Simply find the images you want, and then click on the "buy it now" link in the preview window to purchase them. The whole process takes minutes. However, please note that Plus! Image does not administer, control, update or maintain third party sites. Users are responsible for reading and adhering to copyright information listed on the various image search engines, photo-sharing banks and other image sites. Plus! Image is not responsible for copyright violations for any or all images downloaded, used or shared from its client application or website.
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